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Preston PC's Limit(less)ed

ultimate custom machines

PPC's is yet another spin off venture from the folks @ Allen Family electronic Publishing

PPC LTD: one more piece of the puzzle & part of a full service ISP with hosting, web design, WISP wireless Internet and now PC OEM hardware builds through our WestILMall.com retail outlet center


PPC's LTD is a division of WestILMall.com,

PPC's LTD choices...
  • Intel Core 4 
    4G DDR2 
    ASUS 8800GT-1G
    SATA 500 & 300
    ext SATA & IDE
    PCMCIA / 802.11g
    5.1 audio 2:HD video
    8 usb / 2 firewire
    multi card reader
    blue led tower
    WIN XP pro 32bit

you probably don't want to know...
...actually near a grand. Most of ours are $300-$500 our cost new depending on cool factor we threw in. Lots of rock solid atoms and a couple dual or quad cores all with affordable Intel video chips aka PC on a board, just add memory (case optional ;-) Seriously we ran one in a public cafe for 2 years, no hard drive! System was on a 4 gig flash drive!! (Ubnutu netbook edition) It is our security camera server now. Ugly and just won't die.

what's new

Also part of the Western Illinois Life Network of local users. 

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totally Wireless Broadband!
* if you need support, you must have stolen my ONE and ONLY PC (so far): Report yourself to FBI immediately you scoundrel...

UPDATE: Actually last 6 of mine (desk and rack servers both) plus 3 refurbish MoBo upgrades for customers sort of makes that statement outdated.

Truth is quality still comes with a price but solid Intel builds that don't blow up before outdated make up for initial investment.

Everything we built as far back as 2006 is actively in service on a daily basis. The box may now be a rack, it might now have cool fans and a new hard drive (or raid) but the Intel CPU graphics MOBO just won't give us grief fast enough to let us play as often as we like.

MAINLY the point is when many multi manned companies WON'T do Internet Service and Web Design (too much work) we do it all AND we even fix/build PCs to make the world spin faster as needed.